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Our Family

Barry Hanson CLU
Barry Hanson CLUPresident/Advisor
Barry Hanson, founder and President of Hanson Financial Group, brings compassion, experience and wisdom to the firm. Barry has been offering financial advice and financial planning services to the Windsor and Tecumseh area for over 50 years. “Relationships – One of the things that i have done better than most in over 50 years in the financial services industry, is that i eran the trust of all my clients.” – Barry Hanson
Nicholas Hanson
Nicholas HansonAdvisor
Nicholas has a knowledge of the most recent trends as well offers technical expertise and unique financial options. ¬†“When i earn your trust and you listen to my advice – you will improve your financial and mental well being, however i will promise not to tell you what you want to hear rather what you need to hear” – Nicholas Hanson
Anthony Hanson
Anthony HansonAdvisor/CPCA
“One of the main reasons my clients tell me they choose to to do business with me is because i take the time to really get to know them and that they trust i am finding solutions that are appropriate for them. I sincerely want you to achieve your goals.” – Anthony Hanson


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