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Tax Preparation with E-file for $55 +HST per person.

If you are an investment or insurance client of Hanson Financial Group the tax preparation will be reduced to $40.00 +HST per person.

Simply drop off your tax return and we will contact you to book an appointment once your taxes have been completed. The average time frame to prepare the tax return is between four and seven business days.

*Debit and credit card payment options available*


We also offer a while you wait service. Please book an appointment and specify this option.

*There is a fee if we have to re-file the tax return due to forgotten or missed tax slips. Please confirm that you have all of your tax slips prior to bringing them to us.

What is is needed for us to prepare your tax return?

  1. Copy of your 2017 tax return (if we did not prepare your 2016 return)
  2. Copy of your 2017 assessment notice and any other information received from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in past year including installment notices. Your notice of assessment from the previous year will indicate both your contribution room and any undeducted RRSP contributions. This information is important in RRSP planning.
  3. Birth date, current address and phone number with the best time to contact you.
  4. Please print and complete the MANDATORY Client Tax Update Form

*We no longer will accept group benefits monthly statements for the calculation of medical expenses.



$5500 + HST

Current Client

$4000 + HST